Viewing Trips

If you are ready to buy a property, the best way to go about it is to give us a profile of the property you are looking for. If you find this difficult to do, ask us for the Questionnaire to complete. This was devised for the very purpose of clarifying the mind and it makes the job of selecting properties and making a viewing list a lot easier for you and us.

Still if you don't wish to do that, a good starting point is to let us know, how big a property you are looking for, location, ready to move in or renovation project and app. budget and we will be able to give you a Suggestion List of 6 - 7 properties to consider before your viewing trip.

Lesvos or Lesbos

Lesvos is a big island – in fact it is the 3rd in size of all Greek islands, and each location ( South , North, Central, West & East ) can be recommended for property buying for different reasons. Ask us for details but if you want to do your own research please visit where you will find some information about the towns and villages of Lesvos. At the same web site you will find lots more information about the island.

Going through the finer details with us please email before your visit, will give you a fair idea of how far your budget will go. Often we have properties in our listings which may not yet be published at the web site, which we can suggest to you if we know that they fit your specifications. The next step is to arrange the viewing trip to Lesvos where you can see the properties for sale at first hand.

Booking Your Flights and Accommodation

We can advice you how to go about booking your flights and accommodation. Some prospective buyers try to combine their summer holidays with property viewing, leaving it until the last minute to contact us. This usually is not a good way to go about it, because it does not allow time for preparation or it assumes that we have free time available, which is not always the case, in which case it puts us in a very difficult position.

Once we know the details of your arrival we can arrange a mutually convenient appointment to show you around and view the various properties and plots of land for sale, which are of interest to you. All properties in our portfolio must be viewed with us escorting you. We don’t give directions for you to do your own viewings. We do hold the keys for most of the properties, in others we have to notify the owners / occupiers or key holders. We do our best to answer any questions which you may have while the viewings are in progress.

Viewing Appointments Are Free!

Viewing appointments are free of charge whether you buy property or not. If you are unable for some reason to come to our pre agreed meeting placeprior to viewing properties in the area (e.g. you don’t drive, you haven’t hired a car, you forgot your driving licence etc) and we have to collect you from your accommodation which is not in the immediate vicinity, a nominal charge will be made, based on distance and time out of the office, which is payable at the end of the viewing appointment . It is acceptable that in the process of making your mind up , you will want to see the properties that interest you again. We will take you to view your chosen properties again and this is also free of charge.

However some people consider "viewing properties to buy" as sport and they come back year after year to view properties, without actually ever buying a property. Therefore regretably subsequent viewing appointments ( to the first one) will becharged for. If eventually a property is bought through our Agency’s listings, this will be deducted from the Estate Agency’s fee.

Viewings by proxy !

In the process of identifying the "right property for you" we try to be as helpful as possible. Through the years of being Estate Agents we have discovered that "viewings by proxy" doesn't work !

What do we mean by that ?

After going through the process of agreeing a viewing list of properties with you, instead of coming yourself to view the properties, and make up your own mind, you send your friend, your neighbour, your grocer, your baker (in fact a third party) to view the identified properties. This creates all sorts of new conundrums and one thing is sure each time: you can't make a decision on any property naturally and no sale is agreed, after a lot of time and effort is wasted.

Therefore "viewings by proxy" is something that we no longer agree to conduct. It is not a valid method of assisting you if you are in the process of "buying property" and our advice each time is to view the properties yourself..before you make your mind up to proceed.

Please note that we get very busy, so please fill in the details below as early, and with as much detail, as possible. We will then contact you and plan your itinerary to suit your requirements.