Interesting Island Resources


The Map for Lesvos holidays is the Road Editions 2, Map No 212, Lesbos 1:50.000. It is not really fit for use as a walking map but it is the best there is as a car map.

Useful Websites

Here are some useful sites dedicated to Greece and Lesvos

The official Greek National Tourist Office web site. It contains useful and up to date information on all aspects of the Greek mainland and the islands

Greek for beginners

Accommodation for holidays in Vatera - Lesvos

Holidays in Lesbos - If you hope to have an activity holiday in Lesbos this is a good site to visit.

Dawn & Derek’s blog – An illuminating account about their journey and arrival at their dream destination – Lesvos … Read all about it….

An unofficial site built by a Greek American with a wealth of information on Lesvos (and other parts of Greece), however a certain bias can be detected by those in the know. You are advised to cross reference the very subjective views on various topics he holds and tends to publish which may lead you down the wrong garden path.