The lovely village of Antimachia lies 23 km south west of Kos town and 4 km south of Mastichari and its located on the mid part of a plateau. The village has around 2.200 permanent residents and their main occupation is agriculture and tourism. Antimachia is an ancient settlement and its name has been unchanged for over three thousand years. Here you can see a lot of beautiful and interesting sights the most important of which is the «House of Antimachia», a good representation of the traditional house of the early 20th century. Exactly opposite of the house you will find the “Milos tou Papa” (the priest’s mill) an old traditional windmill.

You can visit the ruins of the Medieval Castle (14th century) of the order of the Knights of St. John, (who also ruled  Rhodes Island)  4 km north-east of the village, via a good dirt road The external strong walls  are saved in a good condition and a lot of castle-houses and water tanks of that period have been saved. Also in the inner part of the castle you can see the old churches of Agios Nikolaos (16th century) and of Agia Paraskevi (18th century), both of them well  preserved.

Antimachia offers ancient history and culture,  a beautiful environment  and the openhearted locals who live up to their reputation of many years ago as being very good dancers and singers. It is important to point out that the village has some of the best folk musicians in Greece.

The festivals on the 15th of August in honour of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and the Agion Apostolon on the 30th of June both take place in a very traditional atmosphere. However the highlight of all festivals is the “Giorti tou Meliou” (Honey Festival), taking place in late August and apart from dancing, singing and enjoying oneself, you also have the chance to taste very good honey from the area, along with a variety of different sweets, all honey-based. Another important event which everybody looks forward to is the Wine Festival which takes place in early September and involves drinking lots of local wine, tasting delicious local food  and enjoying Greek music and dancing until the early morning hours.

Access from Kos town is easy by public buses, running frequently (Kos- Antimachia- Mastichari), by taxi, by car and motorbike. Also from the port of Mastichari (some 4 kilometres northern to Antimachia), you may catch the boat for Kalimnos (boats depart regularly every day) unless you have a yacht then you can make use of the port of Mastichari for mooring.

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