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The island of Chios (inhabited for the first time 6000 years ago), is the 5th largest of all Greek islands situated 27 n.m. south of Lesvos, with a coastline of 213 km long and 54.000 inhabitants. It is often called Myrovolos = Fragrant, due to the heady perfume of the citrus fruits that grow in abundance. The millennia-old history of the island disappears into the recesses of mythology.

Lithi is located at the side of the mountain Erikani, about 120 m above sea level, 23 km west of Chios town and a mere 4 km north of the village Vessa with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The population is probably no more than 500 people. It is one of the 22 Chios villages that cultivate the unique masticha tree (Pistacia lentiscus, var. Chia) that produces the masticha.

 It is suggested that the village name may be derived from “Alithis limin,” meaning true harbour / safe haven, which was the name given to the site by old-time travellers. Lithi is the birthplace of Andreas Syngros, the great Banker and National benefactor whose family house can still be seen, Saint Nectarios the Archbishop of Pentapolis and his nephew the self taught painter Kefalas.

The natural seafront extension of the village is the homonymous harbour with the small settlement of summer houses called Lithi Port. Its 1.5 km away from the centre of the village with a good road connection

There are three caves in the area as yet not fully explored. The village is famous for its excellent fish, which is not surprising since most of the locals are fishermen. Visitors can see them repairing their nets alongside the large fishing boats anchored in Omalia which is Lithi’s beautiful, sandy beach located a short distance from the village. The sandy beach is engulfed within a peninsula that is surrounded by an evergreen landscape, hills and medieval watchtowers or “vigles.” Seafood delights such as red mullets, blackfish, bass, and lobster can be enjoyed alongside the Aegean Sea. The sunrise and sunset in Lithi are not to be missed, they are truly unforgettable.


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