LESBOS East - Pyrgoi Thermis

Pyrgoi Thermis are located at the east coast of the island of Lesvos, at an altitude of 10 meters  and  north of Mytilene at 8km away. This beautiful resort is located near the Canoni Beach , close to the thermal baths at Loutropolis Thermis (which is 4 km away) and the Monastery of  St Raphael . The Parish of the village is the Church St. Nicholas. In 2001 Pyrgi  Thermis had population of 372 inhabitants.
This region was called Thermi since the Greeks and Romans built thermal baths, utilizing the healing properties of hot springs and turned the area into a holiday resort .
Excavations confirm that the area was a great spa and they worshiped the Goddess Artemis, protector of the hot springs. Searching for the Temple of Artemis , the excavations unearthed the ruins of Roman baths and a Roman street with shops . The Temple of the goddess  may not have been found yet, but they found marble inscriptions and Ionic or Corinthian columns inserted in the stone walls of traditional buildings.

The continuous history of the place presents the visitor with marble reliefs on the walls of traditional houses , ancient columns on the doorsteps of houses , chards of pots at the beaches , miraculous monasteries ,  old churches and chapels scattered at every step, all of which are reminiscent of the timelessness of this  sacred place .
The main feature of the area these days are the three-storey high towers which rise imposingly among the olive groves . Previously there were app 160 towers scattered in the area, some of which are still preserved today and impress with their architectural charm. The known Towers today are those of Nania , the Karapiperi etcThe area has rich vegetation. In Thermi of today, straddling the 6th millennium of continuous history they are many reasons that make the area so special : the endless olive groves , cypress, oleander and osier in the  ravines, compose the greenest island landscape . It also offers comfortable accommodation with spa facilities and amenities such as free wireless internet and parking. Visiting the historic thermal baths dating from 1200 BC and exploring the wonderful surrounding area are only two things that can charm the visitor to the area.

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