LESBOS North - Lafionas

The village of Lafionas is situated to the northwest of Petra in a distance of 5 kilometres. It is a picturesque village with a fantastic view over the village of Petra and Mithimna, adorned by the traditional cafes and its beautiful countryside.

A "Folklore Museum" is open to the public in the summer. It is housed in the Primary School and it exhibits objects that the villagers lend to the Museum in order to keep the traditions and the past alive. According to hearsay the village must have been built 400 years ago (during the period of piracy and the Venetian dominion).  It also said that every time the inhabitants heard about a raid they quitted the village and took refuge in the woods.

In the village there is a cross-shaped basilica dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was constructed in 1807 and was restored in 1920. The temple is made of cypress wood, which the villagers bought from a sailing vessel that was carrying lumber to Smyrna and due to the bad weather had anchored in the port of Petra. The villagers bought it then for 300 gold liras. There are only three temples of this kind on the island of Lesvos.

At the rural position "Tekes", which is three kilometres from the village, the first Monastery on the island which was constructed in 325 p. c. is located. It is dedicated to St Alexander, who had been Mithimna’s First Bishop. St Alexander participated to the A' Ecumenical Synod of Nikea. The church is a paleochristian basilica. The relics of St Alexander are kept in a well maintained engraved monument made of stone.

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