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In the centre of the island lies the town of Kalloni. The deciding factors for its resent revival as a destination for alternative tourism (walking & birdwatching) is its privileged location at the top of the Gulf of Kalloni, in the middle of a huge fertile plain. The adjacent Salt Pans and Wetlands are providing shelter to many rare species of birds and are a major attraction for nature-lovers.  

Originally Kalloni was a small unassuming village however its evolution into a town and a centre of trade and the administration hub of central, west and north Lesvos has been a huge advantage to islanders and visitors alike. 

The famed Monastery of Limonos, located just outside of  the town, with its priceless archives of books and manuscripts, reflects the historical, cultural and spiritual role it played in the survival of language , culture, history and national identity of Lesvos through the 500 year occupation of the island by the Ottomans.

The coastal extension of Kalloni is Scala Kallonis, a scenic village nestling at the edge of the blue waters of the Gulf. It has extensive facilities and services at its modern hotel complexes located there. Sampling the famed sea-food appetisers at the seashore tavernas and partying at the night spots along the beach can satisfy the most demanding of travellers.


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