LESBOS East - Skopelos

Skopelos is the largest in population of the Gera villages, next to Mesargos village but in reality joined with it in the location Provasma.

Located at n the feet of Peristeri (671 m.), Skopelos is the first to see the sun rising behind the mountain of Amali. The plain of Gera and the narrow blue stripe of the gulf stand beneath it.

A river used to pass through the village, separating it into two. Today, the river is covered by the main road that leads to the village. It is the same river that crosses Droma and Kargies in the plain. It is the link connecting the village with these two regions.

In its right, the two huge plane trees shadowing the “upper” market stood and still stand loftily. There was a bridge connecting the two banks. It had a protective banister and at the corner, there were stairs leading to a coffee shop with a glazed “sahnisi” (projected upper floor) overhanging the river (today’s Bouglani’s bakery).

At the same side, there were some small shops, and nearby the “upper water fountain” which still exists. It is a polygonal built basin with four spouts.

Higher up is the Church of St.George and St.Magdalen with the subterranean catacombs

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