LESBOS East - Keramia

Seven villages, ( Keramia, Sykounta, Ippios, Asomatos, Mychou, Kato Tritos and Lambou Myloi ) each with its individual history and beauty, used to  comprise one Municipality ( of Evergetoulas ), which was named after the river that runs through the area. Nowadays since the changes in the boundaries of Municipalities, all the above villages belong to the enormous Municipality of Lesvos.The small village of Keramia is conveniently located 17 km away from the capital Mytilini, by the Evergetoulas River and the surrounding fertile valley with the presence of the Church of Saint George marking the landscape.

This is a small family orientated community of many old traditions and hospitable dispositions. The village bakery is famous for its bread and a favourite stopover for many visitors. The villagers are traditionally occupied with the cultivation of olives, which is evident by the presence of olive presses and generally agriculture. Most villagers keep vegetable gardens and sell their quality products at tables by the main kafeneion. Also some of the old traditional occupations (e.g. miller, wood carver and stone mason) are still alive today 

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