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Arisvi is a small village just before Kalloni (app 1 km) and 44 km away from Mytilini. You can easily be mislead that it is Kalloni since in the last few years through increased  residential development the village has almost joined with the town of Kalloni.

Arisvi has roots in ancient times and we can visit the ruins of the ancient town at the eastern side of the village. There we can also see the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo.

The present day village started out as a hamlet that was created in 1922 ( near the old Turkish occupied village of Tzumaili – now no longer in existence ) by 17 Greek refugee families that arrived in Lesvos after they were forcefully removed by the Turks  from various  Greek communities in villages of Asia Minor ( Adramyti, Dikeli etc ).

The village has a picturesque square with plane and pine trees. There is an interesting church dedicated to Zoodochos Pygi (Living Fountain) with wonderful murals. The locals are mainly occupied in agriculture since there are so close to the fertile plain of Kalloni.

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