LESBOS South - Agios Isidoros

The town of Plomari and the small hamlet of Agios Isidoros lie within 1km of each other on the South Coast of Lesvos in a continous line , so for people that don't know they appear as one.

Agios Isidoros - Agios Isidoros has a unique pebbled beach which is one of the longest in Lesvos and voted as The 7th best beach in Greece due to the safety provided, the clean water and care for the environment. Part of the beach comes with some sunbeds and umbrellas and another part without.

The Chapel of Agios Isidoros ( hense the name ) dominates the most central point in the beachfront where lots of shops, hotels , tavernas and bars are lined up. Further down on the road is the Barabyannis Ouzo Museum and the quiet beach in front of the old ouzo factory that has fallen apart. The ouzo museum is open during tourist season between 8.00 and 20.00 o'clock and the entrance is free. You can see how the ouzo is made and there are a number of pictures and and ouzo glasses. The tour takes you trough the factory and the shop that goes with it.

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