LESBOS South - Agios Focas

At the end of the very long Vatera Beach to the west, after crossing the little bridge over the Almyropotamos River, where you can see turtles swimming around, you will be on your way to the peninsular of Agios Focas with the small harbor... Finally the dusty gravel road that will take you there has been surfaced (2010); this makes your getting there a lot easier.Agios Focas on the hill

 On the way there you will see on your right the little Church of Agia Ekaterina next to a Christian Basilica and a little further on the left the Achilles Well where the famous general Achilles watered his troops.

 Once you reach the harbor on the hilltop you can find the ruins of the temple dedicated to Dionysus that dates from the first century BC. It stands next to the small church of Agios Focas.

 In the cozy little harbor you have a great view of the south coast of Lesbos. You can eat freshly caught fish at the taverna there while looking out over the sea towards Vatera. The harbor is home to fishing boats of various sizes, since a lot of the locals’ fish all year around.

Agios Focas harbour

The coastline over the hillside is rough and there are plenty of rocks in the sea. However it’s good for snorkeling, scuba diving and line fishing. The headland is also a favorite spot for birdwatchers that arrive in the spring and autumn to spot the sea birds and see the dolphins dancing in the surf.

In the last couple of years it has become very popular to acquire plots of land (mainly olive groves) in the corridor between Vatera and Agios Focas to built private homes. This is expected to increase since the old dirt road has been surfaced.

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