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Agia Paraskevi is situated in the centre of the island of Lesbos, among the hills and close to the plain of Kalloni. It is a neat place with well-preserved neoclassical mansions and traditional architecture - urban and rural. Agriculture and husbandry are the main sources of income sources for the villagers.

At the village you will be able to buy local products of excellent quality, such as dairy products (fresh salt less butter used for cooking, yoghurt, a big variety of cheeses (white cheese, "graviera"- yellow salty cheese, cheese stored in olive oil, sweet and salty fresh cheese), free range meat (veal, pork, lamb and goat), poultry, eggs, local vegetables and honey of an excellent quality. We should also mention the plentiful production in olive oil of a low acidity as well as ouzo “CRONOS” produced by the local distillery.

On the 30th of June, the celebration day of Agios Charalambos, the main festival of the village “the festival of Tavros” takes place. It is essentially a celebration day of the farmers where the ancient custom of animal sacrifice and horse races are preserved.


The Region of Agia Paraskevi has been officially declared as protected area of archaeological interest since a large number of important archaeological sites of Lesvos are situated around the village of Agia Paraskevi.

The Temple of Clopedi Built during the 8th century A.C. It was completed during the 6th century, with a surrounding gallery of 46 Aeolian columns. It was probably dedicated to the god Apollo, the Napeon

The Paleo-Christian Church of Chalinado Built around 550-600 B. C. it has been partly destroyed by an earthquake. The Temple consists of three aisles and a temple vestibule. The main temple is rectangular and bears an arch to the east side. The aisles are separated between them with two rows of columns decorated with relief capitals. You can find it on the east side of the village Agia Paraskevi where the big pine tree forest begins, through which runs the river "Mylopotamos".

The Bridge of Cremasti, over the Tsiknias River was built by the Gatelouzi (1355-1432) for military reasons as well as for commercial needs. The material for its construction was taken from the Ancient Temple of Clopedi and the Church of St Therapon that is situated close to the Ancient Temple.

The Temple of Messa, dedicated to the worship of the Aeolian Trinity (Zeus, Hera, Dionysus) was build by the Aeolians as their federal Temple in the 3rd century B.C. When Christianity was established, a Basilica was founded at the east part of the Ancient Temple. During the Byzantine Period the chapel dedicated to Taxiarhes succeeded the Basilica. The graves, which were discovered there, belong to the inhabitants of a small medieval village situated about 300 metres to the west of the Ancient Temple.

Polykentro - Conference Centre It is a wonderful group of buildings, which, resulted from the restoration of the old olive press, that belonged to the community at the beginning of the century. The restoration of the olive press which started in 1986, currently houses a Conference Hall, a Folklore Museum, a Museum of Agricultural and Industrial Traditions, open-air space for cultural happenings as well as a traditional guesthouse of twelve rooms for the hospitality of the guests.





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