LESBOS South - Lisvori

Not far from Vasilika, taking a turning to the right, (just 3km before you reach Polichnitos) you will arrive at the small village of Lisvori. The houses are built on the hill side, many with panoramic views of the Gulf of Kalona.  The whole area around the village is ideal for walking. Lisvori village

The Church of St.John is at the centre of the village with old fashioned kafeneions all around it. The locals are mainly farmers tending the olive groves and growing aniseed (the essential ingredient for the production of ouzo), onions, pulses, clover, animal fodder and wheat. Their homemade bread and dairy products are renounced.

Heading towards the coast you coming to a cross roads. If you turn left you will reach the Thermal Springs of Agios Ioannis which are of great therapeutic value. They are ideally suited for dermatological conditions, with temperatures of up to 69 C, radioactivity levels of 2.6 units and separate pools for men and women. The hot spring facilities are comprised of two separate buildings, only one of which is maintained and 9 fully furnished and equipped rooms. There is a public domed semi circular bathing pool, built in the same architectural style as the other thermal springs on Lesvos, with separate areas for steam baths

 Traditional Architecture

Going ahead at the cross roads will lead you to Skamniudi with its well-protected harbour and small taverna.  At the far end on the costal location Kourtir are the ruins of the sunken harbour of Ancient Pyrra. In this location this year ( 2008 ) the excavation of fossilised flora similar to that excavated in Vatera in the late 90’s  shows the great historical importance of the area.

 Many small boats get moored at Skamniudi and the taverna at the harbour is a good place to eat or just to have coffee in the sunshine. The beach area is small and pebbly but adequate. Summer houses are dotted here and there and everything seems idyllic.

 Just behind the harbour, scaling up the hillside there are the ruins of a Byzantine fort or pilgrimage with a Maltese cross clearly visible. Further on into the ploughed fields you can discover the country church of St. Nicholas with the crest of the Palaeologi by the door.  

 Turning at the right of the crossroads if you carry on you will eventually get to Achladeri. But in a short time you will notice a sign for Alykoudi Beach, which you are advised to follow.  You will find a neat pebble beach, dotted with houses and an amazing Pool with lots of reeds to the right which in the spring it is full of birds. In truth the Alykoudi Pool is a very important wetland which birdwatchers should not miss in the spring.

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