LESBOS South - Agiasos

Agiasos is built amphitheatrically on the lower slopes of mountain Olympus and the hill of Kasteli; it is probably the most beautiful mountain village of Lesvos. Affectionately it has been called many endearments: the bride of Olympus, the mother of teachers, the Jerusalem of Lesvos, each one of them referring to her assets and her multifaceted identity.

Distant Agiasos view

Undisputedly the heart of Agiasos is the Church of Panagia the Vrefocratoussa. In fact there are more than forty churches and country chapels scattered in and around Agiasos and the surrounding countryside. The folk arts (pottery, woodcarving, fretwork, weaving, and textiles) are still part of the daily life and a great point of interest to visitors. While in Agiasos it’s worth visiting  the Cultural Centre “Anagnostirion” and the Garden of Madonna. Also the Byzantine-Ecclesiastical Museum and the Folklore Exhibition, located within the church yard, both are open all year around.

Leaving Agiasos, a journey of discovery through olive groves can take you to the green valley of Agios Dimitrios , with the homonymous chapel and the mineral water springs of Tsingos in the pine forest. Or even at the picturesque location of Karini, an idyllic location with fresh water springs bubbling to the surface, rich vegetation and the huge hollow plane tree that the folk /naive painter Theophilos had made his home for a time.

Walking trail

The whole area around Agiasos is full of bucolic charm with old pathways snaking amongst the olive groves, sprawling up the mountainside and down the green valley, around country chapels, an abandoned olive press or two and sweet country sounds. In the spring the area around Agiasos is much visited by birdwatchers and botanists, for the many rare species of birds, wild flowers and orchids that can be found there.

In the summer many cultural events take place, usually organised by the Cultural Centre "Anagnostirion".

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