Peloponesse ( South) - Messinia

Messinia Greece 

Alluring beaches and majestic landscapes compose an impressive picture in this part of the Peloponnese that has been gifted by nature and history.

Peaceful nature, warm climate, verdant landscapes, fertile regions, coastline with extended sandy beaches, Venetian castles and traditional villages compose the exceptional  prefecture of Messinia, always enchanting in summer or wintertime.

With a population of 167.000 residents the prefecture of Messinia is part of the geographical district of Peloponnese and is located at the south-western part of the greater region. It borders with Laconia in the east, Arcadia and Elia in the north, as well as the Ionian Sea and the Messiniakos gulf.

The capital and port of the prefecture is the town of Kalamata, one of the most modern towns of the country, with parks, fine street planning, broad roads, hotel accommodation and excellently developed educational and artistic activity.

The prefecture of Messinia is blessed with lots of villages that are worth visiting in order to admire nature and the history of this area. Kyparissia and Methoni, two superb coastal hamlets, Gargaliani and Meligalas, two agricultural and commercial centres, Pylos, a traditional and historical settlement that resembles an island, Koroni, a scenic coastal hamlet that resembles the Cycladic settlements, Finikounda, a fishermen’s village that has evolved into a popular resort and Kardamyli, a picturesque coastal village, are just few of the most known resorts of the prefecture of Messinia.

Messinia Greece Beaches

The beaches in Messinia can be likened with little tropical paradises, attracting visitors with their turquoise waters and beautiful shores, both sandy and pebbly. The locations where you can enjoy your swim are innumerable, but the most well known Messinia beaches are the very long beach of Kalamata, Almiros, Mikri Mantineia, Santova and Delfinia beach in Kardamili, Stoupa and Kalogria beach in Stoupa.

In Koroni and Methoni you will find wonderful beaches, such as Peroulia, Zagga, Kalamaki and Foinikounta.  It is also worth visiting the beaches of Pylos like Gialova and Voidokilia.

With a boat you can visit Proti, Sapientza, Shiza, Agia Mariani and Venetiko, which are beautiful and secluded islets, with peaceful and inviting waters.

Messinia Greece Lifestyle & Events

The prefecture of Messinia has a vibrant nightlife with a variety of dining options, since it is a place that attracts visitors from all over the world, all year round.

A wide range of entertainment venues for all tastes, are available such as bars and nightclubs, while seaside resorts have plenty of lovely seaside cafés, tavernas and restaurants to accommodate all requirements.

There is a considerable number of festivals and other cultural or religious events taking place in Messinia yearly. In Kalamata, visitors can attend the “Saitopolemos” event (dart-war), which dates back to the years of the Turkish occupation in Greece and takes place on Easter Sunday.

During summertime, cultural events are held in Kalamata, as well as in Gargaliani, such as “Agapinia” in honour of the Macedonian soldier Tellos Agras, while in Kyparissia, apart from the “Cultural Summer” festival, there is an 8-day festival, in mid-September, where you may attend interesting plays, concerts and visit various exhibitions.

Messinia Greece Sightseeing

The whole area seems to be an open-air museum with several sites to visit, such as the remains of Apollo’s Sanctuary in Agios Andreas, the archaeological site in Ancient Messini, the ancient town of Filiatra and the Mycenaean Palace in Hora Trifilias. As castles and fortresses abound in Messinia and most of them are very well-preserved, pay a visit at the remains of the Middle Ages castle in Androusa, the castle and the Bourtzi fortress in Methoni, the castles Paleokastro and Niokastro in Pylos, as well as the Frank castle remains in Stoupa.

At the town of Kalamata there some  interesting sites you can visit: the castle, the old town, the churches and the monasteries, the libraries, the public theatre, the art gallery, the neoclassical buildings, the monument of the fighters of 1821, the tobacco factory of Karelia, as well as the archaeological and cultural museums.

Messinia Greece Weather & Climate

The prefecture of Messinia has a temperate climate making the place a good choice for all-year round vacations. The average yearly temperature ranges from 18oC to 21oC on the mainland, while at the seaside locations the average yearly temperature exceeds 20oC.

In wintertime temperatures are rather high due to the winds blowing inwards from the sea. In the summer, the weather is warm and dry, while rainfalls are only a late winter phenomenon.

How to Reach Messinia Greece

Access to Messinia Greece by car is easy. Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, is 238 km away from Athens and can be reached via the National Highway following the route Athens - Corinth - Tripolis - Megalopolis. There are also frequent departures of intercity buses to Kalamata and train departures from Piraeus Station.  Hiring a car or a motorbike for transportation around the Messinia prefecture is a practical option.

 Travelling to Messinia by plane: there are frequent flights from “Eleftherios Venizelos” Athens Airport and other European airports.

Kalamata – Messinia – Greece

Built in the heart of the Messinian Gulf, Kalamata is the capital and chief port of the prefecture of Messinia.  It is located near the ancient city of Farai cited by Homer, at 238 km from Athens, and is the land of the Kalamatianos dance, danced by all Greeks and the silk kerchief of the homonymous song.

 The 13th century castle built above the town by Geoffrey Villehardouin dominates the landscape. On the north side of the citadel there is a small Byzantine church dedicated to the Virgin of Kalomata (of good eye), from which the town may have acquired its name. The old city is spread out underneath the castle. This is where the Byzantine church of the Virgin Ypapanti and the convent of the Kalograies built in 18th century, where the nuns weave the famous Kalamata silk, are situated.

From the castle you can survey the expanse of sea below with its sandy and pebbly shores or turn your gaze upon the deep green plain, the "happy land" of the ancients.

In 1209 Kalamata, was proclaimed seat of a barony and held by the Franks up to 1381, when it was captured by the Navarrese and later liberated by the Paleologi.  Turkish rule followed, apart from an interval between 1685 and 1715, when it was held by the Venetians.

There are many churches in town, the oldest being the historic church of Agii Apostoli (13th c.) where the Greek War of Independence against the Turks was formally declared on March 23, 1821.

Kalamata has an archaeological museum, which is housed at the Benaki Mansion, and a folklore museum noted for the numerous relics of the 1821 War of Independence, a fine arts museum filled with art works by Greek artists and a library containing 60.000 volumes.

Every summer cultural events like concerts and plays staged by the Kalamata theatre are held in the amphitheatre of the castle. In the evening, the town comes alive, especially along the water front which is lined with tavernas, sea food restaurants and rotisseries serving local dishes and drinks, fresh fish, roast suckling pig and chicken, sausages, cheese, olives, retsina and raki.

 Villages and Towns of North West Outer Main: Ano Doloi, Kato Doloi, Kallianeika, Kitries, Kardamili.

The unspoilt village of   Kato Doloi is situated at the beginning of the Mani peninsular in Laconia prefecture. It is typical of the traditional villages of this part of Greece. At the same time it is only 20min drive from Kalamata where there is an airport with many European destinations and all the facilities of a modern coastal city. The tourist villages of Stoupa and Ancient Kardimili are located 20 km to the south.

The lovely fishing village of Kitries with a quiet beach and traditional tavernas serving delicious freshly caught fish is 6km away. Traditional village tavernas, Kafeneon, small shops and a post office and pharmacy can all be found in neighboring villages within a 5km radius. And the sunsets are unbeatable!

Because of the area’s natural beauty, small attractive villages, traditional styles of architecture, magnificent coastline , closeness to the Mani area and a host of other reasons, there is still a strong demand for properties. 






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