LESBOS West - Antissa

Antissa ( Greek: Άντισσα) was a city of the island  (Lesvos), near to Cape Sigrium, the western point of Lesbos. The place had a harbour. The ruins found by  Richard Pococke at Calas Limneonas, a little NE. of cape Sigri, may be those of Antissa. This place was the birth-place of  Terpander,  who is said to be the inventor of the seven-stringed  lyre. The Athenian general  Iphicrates retired to Antissa, and later to Drys, after his service to his father-in-law  Cotys, King of the Thracians.

Nowadays we will find the village of Antissa close to the mountain Courouclo,  built close to the ancient town of Antissa. It is the regional center for the villages of Vatousa, Xidera, Gavatha, Liota, Rema, Zithra and Pterounda. There is a large and beautiful platia with three enormous plane (platanos) trees that make the village a very cool place to come on a hot afternoon.

There are several restaurants in the square and an equal amount of cafeneons. There's a pharmacy, and a post office. There is also a medical center which serves as a hospital for this part of the island. It's a nice place to come for a day and especially nice to come for dinner. Even when the rest of the island is hot, the Platia in Antissa is usually comfortable and there are several very good tavernas here which specialize in local meat, fresh fish and vegetables.

The basic income of the inhabitants comes from cattle raising and tourism. As we approach the village, we will find on our right, close to the river Voulgari, the Monastery of Perivoli. After the Monastery, the crossroad, on the right, leads the visitor to Gavatha, the port of Antissa.

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