LESBOS East - Palaiokipos

The Municipality of Gera extends to the southeast side of Lesvos, covered by lush vegetation. Expansive olive groves, hills overrun with pine forests, lacy beaches and picturesque little villages compose a landscape of infinite natural beauty, which enchants the visitor at first sight.

Palaiokipos is the first village of Gera you come to, coming from Mytilini. The first building seen on the left side of the road is the elementary school, built in 1923. The small chapel of Ai – Giorgis (Saint George) is next to the school.

The village’s memorial is standing to the right side of the road. The erected plaque is the cover of the sarcophagus found many years ago at Manna, while below, there is a rectangular architectural part with relief decoration, part of the frieze of the fountain which, according to ΚΟLDEWEY, was located at the site “Manna” at about 300 - 400 B.C.

Part of the newly built village lies at this side of the road. Further on, the road takes a double steep turn leading to the rest of the village with the commercial street, the heart of the village, with small traditional shops and the village’s church, Agios Ermolaos, a three-aisled basilica which is registered as a listed monument. There is a founder’s inscription over the central portal inside the church, indicating that the church was built in 1795.

Olives and olive oil are Gera’s main resource. Besides its natural beauties, the gulf has been known for the variety of its delicious fish and seafood. The tasty red mullet is exceptional. Ouzo, is another local product since about 1800. Today, two small-scale distilleries producing ouzo are in operation at the region. In addition, the traditionally made desserts and especially the syrup pastries, such as “baklavas”, are very much sought after.

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