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Yera – Perama : Historically Yera was known by the name of Iera (Sacred). In Roman times there was a coastal city on this spot, which was probably engulfed in the seismic activity during the 1st century BC.

The region saw substantial economic development in the final years of the Ottoman occupation and in the period between the two World Wars. This is evidenced by the many factories (olive oil presses, soap factories, tanneries) and company offices that traded in olive oil and other local products. Yera businesses maintained branches in Istanbul, Europe and Egypt.

The five villages that make up this beautiful region are arranged like an amphitheatre facing the idyllic Bay and olive groves. The sixth village, Perama, is the harbor for the other five. It is located on a lush plain with many flower and vegetable gardens and running waters.

Perama is located 29.4 km to the west of the town of Mytilene, on the western shore of the Gera Bay. Small boats go from Perama to the beach of Kountouroudia on the other side of the bay, nearby Skala Loutron. Perama is the port of the broader area, including the villages of Mesagros, Papados, Plakados, Skopelos and Paleokipos.

The big stone-built factories with high chimneys bear evidence of its glorious past as the industry centre of the island of Lesvos in the beginning of the 20th century. The old tannery of Sourlagas was the biggest one on the Balkans.

There are a lot of ruins in the area indicating that it had been inhabited since the ancient times. The nearest beach to Perama is Evriaki . It is an organized beach with many taverns and restaurants on the beach and holiday homes of the inhabitants of Lesbos. There are also houses for the tourists, who can also go fishing and surfing in the Gulf.


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