LESBOS North - Eftalou

Eftalou Beach Lesvos: Eftalou beach is a round pebble beach with sandy sections here and there. It is set below a cliff and is fringed with trees. The beach is about 3 km away from Molyvos town ( the Tourism Capital of Lesvos)  to the east , while the natural hot springs of Eftalou are situated at the start of the beach.

The clear waters at the beach are ideal for swimming. You can relax on the beach in one of the bays (some of them used by naturists), and swim in the sea. Along the shore the hot mineral water seeps through the rocks and mixes with the sea water in warm pools. In some places the water can get very hot. The beach and its surroundings are truly beautiful. There are not many facilities on the pebble beach besides one restaurant.

The renovated spa houses where the thermal springs are located are known for their healing power . They are recommended for all kinds of illnesses like rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. They have communal and private tubs.

The village has several facilities such as a restaurants, taverns, hotels, and much more. It is attracting more tourists over the last few  years after several hotels were built here and it is served daily by buses from Molyvos.

The distance from the Mytilini airport to the beach is about 72 km

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