LESBOS East - Afalonas

Afalonas is located 7 km north of the city of Mytilene at an incline of 100 m The name comes from the words "Upper Alonia" (Afalonas) that existed at the top of the hill. It is one of the oldest villages of the island and its history starts from the ancient times, according to the findings identified in the locations “Katho” and “Chalasmata” .

It is also mentioned among the villages of the Metropolitan Code of 1565. It was affected badly from the earthquake of 1867. It is one of the villages that had the greatest disasters, because the rubble of collapsed houses caught fire and burned a large number of trapped alive (80 dead). Immediately after the event many residents fled to the sea and in May 1867 they founded a new village, Nio Horio, as it was called then, today it is called Panagiouda.

In the village there is a three-aisled basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the church of the Holy Trinity is situated at the foot of the eponymous mountain / location Spathi. It is believed that there was a monastery in the location in the old days. It is worth visiting the place "Tsamia" where in the old days they were great festivals on the Wednesday after Easter (Lamprotetarti) and August 15. The "Tsamia" (pine) were planted by members of the organization "Atlas" that acted against the Turks. They used to practise and re exercise there, therefore even today the location is called “Gymnastirio” . The village festival / feast takes place on the day of the Holy Spirit in the location “Spathi”

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