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Just like a full term pregnancy

full of the pains but also the joy...

To all the likely buyers of property in Lesvos

In short, my husband and I , we could not have bought our dream holiday home at Skala Polichnitos,

South Lesvos without the help of Dimitra, who we now consider to be a close and dear friend.

Throughout the transaction, which in our case was particularly difficult as the vendor become non-compos mentis and then

died whilst we were trying to buy, Dimitra helped us and kept us informed all the way. She liaised on our behalf with the

lawyer and the notary, as well as the various services companies: electricity, water, etc, and also organised our tax registration,

which is the first step and essential when buying a property in Greece.

As I understand it, ordinarily, the process is quite straightforward, and can be concluded in a very short time.

Our particular transaction was not typical and did take months, due to the difficulties with the vendor.

I believe the process for us would have taken even longer ( if not impossible to conclude) had we not had Dimitra on our side.

As we do not live in Lesvos, we both gave Dimitra power of attorney so that she could sign the various papers on our behalf in our absence.

Also, we transferred the whole purchase price to her last November ( 2004 ) which she held in her business account until she

was able to complete our purchase in July 2005. There is no question in my mind that she is entirely trustworthy, and I can

absolutely recommend her services to you. I am naturally cynical, being a solicitor, but I put all my trust in Dimitra and she

never let us down.

Despite having finalised our purchase in July, Dimitra continues to help us, and has offered to be involved in our proposed project of

letting one of the apartments within our villa. As we will not yet be living full time in Lesvos, we need someone reliable to oversee things

for us. We will of course be paying her a retainer, which has yet to be agreed, but to my mind it will definitely be money well spent for

the peace of mind it will bring.

I do hope the above is helpful, and I know you won't regret buying in Lesvos, especially with Dimitra to help you along.

Kind regards,

Julia Davis

Solicitor, Portsmouth

Blink your eyes and it is done (Well, almost....)

I suppose in many respects it sounds simple…but believe me it isn’t! We recently purchased our dream house at Skala Polihnitos, on Lesvos ( July 2004), despite Derek and myself being fairly intelligent (rumour has it of course!) we would have been totally and utterly lost if we hadn’t had the extremely wise Dimitra Balkizas acting for us!

To start with you either need to be conversant in Greek or you need an interpreter! Luckily we found Dimitra. It’s absolutely essential to have local knowledge too, again Dimitra was a Godsend! The rules governing buying a house in Greece are radically different to here in the UK, even in the Tax office negotiation seems par for the course! Can you imagine going to the Tax man here and getting a reduction?!

Dimitra guided us through the process and despite some set backs due to the Vendor being on holiday, which ended with us having to leave Dimitra with Power of Attorney, we completed the sale, within ten days. We had no worries or reservations about doing this and thanks to a lot of leg work, to-ing and fro-ing, negotiation and interpreting on her part , Dimitra came up trumps!

It’s not just the sale that Dimitra confines herself to, she also helped with the Electricity and Water companies and also had contacts with builders, decorators and cleaners! It’s that, I think, that sets Dimitra apart from the local Estate Agents, essentially the attention to detail and help in all areas, which makes her well worth her fee!

We are happy to relate our experiences to anyone else that’s ready to take the plunge…ask Dimitra to put you in touch with us, via e-mail or phone, and we’ll let you know more…for now…happy hunting!

Two satisfied customers,

Dawn Jenkins and Derek Blake, Liverpool, UK

Double whammy

We already lived on Lesvos when we first arranged to meet Dimitra to view properties. We arranged to meet to discuss our requirements and to look through a portfolio of available properties and soon after this we viewed a selection of properties.

Dimitra was excellent at making us feel at ease and giving us sound practical advice and development ideas. We left after narrowing our search down to two possibilities and after some background research on Dimitra’s part, which answered some queries that we had, we went ahead and bought a property in Skala Polichnitos in April 2006.

Purchasing a property in Greece, I'm sure could be a nightmare without a good agent such as Dimitra who is fluent in both English and Greek and has fantastic contacts and negotiating abilities, helped I'm sure by her years spent in both countries. We have also sold a different property on the west of the island using Dimitra, who was both efficient and fair in all our dealings.

With Dimitra’s help buying or selling a property on the island can be a friendly and relaxed experience.

Michele Jelf

Eresos, Lesvos

Simple if you know how

If you're interested in buying a house in Lesvos but feel anxious at the possible difficulties then think again. Our experience of buying a house through Hibiscus Real Estate Services was completely painless.

After browsing the web site one evening we sent Dimitra an email with a description of the sort of property we were looking for. Arriving in Lesvos a few weeks later, we discovered that Dimitra had already put in a considerable amount of time and effort to line up a number of properties that she thought would interest us.

We stayed at Dimitra's own Madonna apartments, just a stone's throw from the fantastic beach at Vatera, from where we had a good base not only to view property, but also the opportunity to relax, enjoy a well-earned holiday, and tour the beautiful local countryside.

We saw several prospective properties and so, before leaving Lesvos, we gave Dimitra power of attorney to continue to act on our behalf. This involved nothing more than a trip into Mytilini with her to spend half and hour in the local notary's office. After this, we had nothing more to do except get back to England and arrange for a money transfer! Dimitra opened a bank account, coordinated all the communications between the vendors, the solicitor, the civil engineer and the notary, and then completed the purchase for us. She even arranged for the electricity and water to be connected and for the locks to be changed.

Since completing our purchase, Dimitra is also now acting as project manager for some building work we'd like done on our property. It’s obviously extremely useful having someone you can trust to organise these sorts of things for you. Lesvos is a beautiful island and property prices in the South of the island are still comparatively cheap.

If you're serious about a Greek property then I'd urge you to consider Lesvos, and in particular the services provided by Dimitra and Hibiscus Real Estate Services

Shelly Saunders, Brighton, UK

(Shelley is the Winner of the GREECE Magazine Travel Writing Contest,

Issue 24 September 2006 )

What can I say

Dear Dimitra,

Spring and summer have now past and in that time we have found and acquired the Greek home of our dreams!! However, our dream would never have become a reality without your unfailing help.

A process that would have been an impassable minefield was made into a quick and easy passage with your aid and guidance. Indeed, just finding the property may never have occurred had we not filled in the questionnaire on your website which then enabled you to point us in the right direction; (second viewing - we've never found a house that quick in the U.K. )!!

The biggest thank you must be for the help you gave us during the buying process; maybe we were lucky, but we never once seemed to come across and find any obstacles that weren't insurmountable. It was definitely worth putting our trust in you as our power of attorney to carry out the legalities for us; particularly as this meant you undertaking trips to Athens with the lawyer that you also sorted out for us to iron out the minor hiccups that inevitably crop up.

Anyway, here we are now a few short months down the line with a set of keys to our new house in Greece. Although everything was carried out in a foreign tongue the process was probably smoother than when we have bought in the England!!!

We both can't wait to move out to our new home in Vrisa - Lesvos next year and will never stop singing your praises for the help and indeed new friendship we feel we have made with you and your husband Vaios.

Forever yours and in your debt,

Andrew Allton and Donna Neale.

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