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Not only buying but selling too!

Once again Dimitra has come up trumps for me ( and I know many others ) . There are many estate agents now on Lesvos however Dimitra and her Agency are the only outfit that consistently deliver. Buying a property on Lesvos is easy with the backup of the correct estate agent. Dimitra is one of the best agents you can contact. Whatever you have in mind to buy, she can show you properties to blow your mind. However the service she offers does not stop there.

Selling a property is possibly more important for many of the property developers amongst us and Dimitra has consistently delivered this service. As an English speaking “buy and sell Estate Agent” in the Greek property market Dimitra works hard on my behalf and has yet to disappoint.

I hope that with Dimitra I can long continue with my Greek Island adventure.

Michele Jelf


It does what it says on the tin!

From start to finish and beyond. This is the extent of the service you can expect from Dimitra when buying property on Lesvos. She differs from the average Estate Agent inasmuch as there are no false promises, no exaggerations, no embellished statements, no over-ambitious targets. Quite simply, if Dimitra promises, Dimitra delivers. And delivers exactly what is expected.

Apart from guiding us faultlessly through the bureaucracy and officialdom involved in buying property, she also arranged all the peripheral details and ably smoothed out any unforeseen little problems or surprises which popped up periodically. And the majority of this was done via Internet and emails.

Caroline travelled to Lesvos alone after spotting property on Dimitra’s website. On arrival and throughout her stay, Dimitra and Vaios made her extremely welcome and helped her find our ideal house within a couple of days. Dimitra has a sixth sense about these things and seemed to gauge exactly what we were looking for. As soon as we decided to buy, the ball was set rolling and Dimitra began to demonstrate her extraordinary knowledge and undoubted energy and prowess, thus ensuring a painless and stress-free (for us!) journey through the Greek property-buying experience.

Being from the Island, and also having lived and worked in the UK for a long time, gives Dimitra a unique advantage over other Island estate agents. She has a definite feel for what people want and expect (both foreigners and locals alike) and, at the same time, has the required local knowledge and insight required to facilitate this. Combined with her formidable drive and enthusiasm, all this makes for an unbeatable service. At an unbeatable price, it has to be said

But the best part of our property-buying adventure came at no cost at all. That was the genuine friendship of Dimitra and the wonderful Vaios: husband, right-hand man and fellow gourmand, who definitely knows all the best eateries on the Island and has taken us to several. And we hope to visit many more in their company in the years to come.

Mike and Caroline Main

March 2010

A Dream Realisation

April 14, 2010

Dear Dimitra & Vaios

For many years I had a dream to buy an old stone house on a Greek island. That dream has been realized thanks to Dimitra, the owner of Hibiscus Real estate agency.

As one who lives around the Mediterranean Sea, I was familiar with the Greek culture and daily life. I have visited many of the Greek islands & Cyprus. Lesvos became my favorite choice due to its landscape & Nature, Authentic atmosphere, good air connections & not over commercialized.

I contacted some of the local Real estate agencies, some replied & some did not. I liked Dimitra's practical reply – Everything you need to know in order to buy a property in Lesvos.

On August 2009 I wrote to Dimitra exactly what I was looking for and got information about eight Properties. The next step was the viewing trip to Lesvos on October 2009; I stayed at Dimitra's –Madonna studios in Vatera. Observed many properties & chose an old stone house to buy in the town of Polichnitos.

The biggest award of all was making two new amazing friends - Dimitra & her great husband Vaios. It was not just a viewing trip it was an amazing holiday thanks to them.

I got back home, signed a power of attorney to Dimitra at the Greek embassy & transferred money. Dimitra took care of everything else after that. It means that as a buyer you just have to sign once, transfer the money and wait while she is succeeding the whole process. This is the most luxury & professional service I have ever got from a real estate agent around the world.

In January 2010, two months later the house was registered on our name while on the way a very rare problem appeared up – Dimitra was solving it fast. Due to her good contacts she can find solutions to most difficulties.

The plan and design of the renovation to the house & swimming pool we are now sending to Dimitra to prepare the Cost Quotation for the restoration.

In June 2010' we are coming to Lesvos to meet the professional workers in order to start with the restoration of the house. It was a short and enjoyable process, Next summer we hope to swim in our pool.

Thank you

Michal & Rafael – Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.

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