Driving Through Switzerland?

Watch Out for Sharp Practices..

Sarah, a frequent visitor to Greece, living in Switzerland, passed me some useful information for anyone driving to Greece through Switzerland.

She says, "I came across news of a scam in the local press today that might affect holidaymakers travelling to Greece overland via Switzerland. Everyone using Swiss motorways needs to buy a motorway sticker (vignette autoroutière) for their windscreen at one of the border points. It is valid for a year and costs 40 Swiss francs. Apparently Securitas staff at border points has been selling said stickers for 40 euros, not Swiss francs. This makes them 17 francs more than they should be and it is illegal. The Swiss authorities take a dim view of this and anyone caught doing it will be dismissed from their job.

I recommend that visitors have 40 Swiss francs at the ready so that they can pay the exact amount without requiring change and know to challenge anyone trying to sell these stickers for 40 euros. Oh, and if anyone has any good tips for prising these stickers off the windscreen at the end of the year in less than 20 minutes or without breaking a fingernail in the process, I'd love to hear about it!! (These stickers are designed to be impossible to transfer from one vehicle to another, and peel off in minute shards when you try removing them.)".

I guess for most Brits passing through Switzerland they would not have Swiss francs in cash, but even with debit & credit card currency conversion charges of 2-3%, this would be a cheaper way to pay if you did not organize your vignette before leaving UK. If your journey is anything like ours were when we passed through Switzerland, we had no other need to spend money there and got through in a matter of hours. (Most times we used the Austrian route as it was cheaper on tolls, although they too have a fee for using motorways now.)
Hope you find this helpful.